Thank You for Becoming a Sponsor!

We greatly appreciate your commitment to the Yo Digo No Mas (I Say No More) movement. Your sponsorship for the “Unmask the Superhero in You” Gala is a powerful statement of your dedication to making a positive impact on our community.


Your support doesn’t just make you a sponsor; it makes you a hero in your own right. Your contribution empowers us to continue our mission and create change in raising awareness of the high prevalence of sexual abuse happening to our children. We look forward to meeting you at the Gala and coming together for this vital cause. Get ready to unmask the hero within and create a brighter future for the children.


To keep you updated and informed, we’ll be sending you exclusive content, important Gala details, and ways to get more involved with our mission. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions.


Let’s make a difference together!


Thank you for choosing to be a superhero and protecting the innocence of our children.


If you have purchased more than one individual ticket, please email [email protected] with the names of all members in your party to reserve the seats under their names.