I Say No More to Sexual Violence March

In observance of the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Yo Digo No Más (which means I Say No More), in partnership with Yonkers Public Schools, the third-largest school district in New York State, is calling the entire community to walkout against sexual violence and encouraging everyone to participate in the I Say No More to Sexual Violence March, sche- duled for Saturday, April 30 in Yonkers.

Meet our allies

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I Say No More to Sexual Violence March

In the U.S. 81% of women and 43% of men reported some form of sexual harassment and/or assault in their lifetime . In America, every 68 seconds, an individual is sexually assaulted, and every 9 minutes, that victim is a child . These numbers demonstrate the high prevalence of this public health crisis happening in communities across the country. Moreover, because sexual violence leads to negative emotional, economic and structural con- sequences for survivors, the time to act, to stand up and declare “I Say No More!” is now.

About Yo Digo No Mas
Yo Digo No Más (YDNM) was founded in 2020 to address the systematic pre- valence of sexual violence happening in Latinx communities in the USA. YDNM’s mission is to prevent sexual violence by educating and promoting collective mobilization to end this ‘silent pandemic.’

Educational Activities in Advance
To prevent sexual violence, it is necessary to teach practical skills and tools. YDNM, in collaboration with Stony Brook Medicine, the ‘me too.’ Movement, and mental health professionals, has designed a set of activities aimed at empowering and educating teens, parents, caregivers, and teachers of Yonkers’ public schools, as well as the broader community. This program- ming will be taught in the weeks leading up to the March, with a goal to educate and plant the seeds for future community engagement to rally against sexual violence.

The Day of the March
All community stakeholders will march together from Yonkers City Hall – Unity Fountain (40 South Broadway, Yonkers NY) to Eugenio Mariá de Hostos MicroSociety School (75 Morris St, Yonkers NY).
At the end of the march, in the courtyard of Eugenio Mariá de Hostos MicroSociety School, participants have the opportunity to engage in artistic performances, as well as receive resources from non-profit organizations and infor- mation from public services providers.
Inside the school, mental health professionals, mindful- ness experts and organizations specializing in family coun- seling, will provide additional information, tools, and resources for the community to better understand and learn how to prevent sexual violence.

Target Audiences and March Participants
This event presents great opportunities to reach a large audience. Indivi- duals participating in this March will include Yonkers Public School stu- dents, family members, teachers, and administrators, as well as Yonkers local government officials. There will also be community partners, volun- teers, and elected officials from across Westchester County and the Hudson Valley region of New York.
Some key numbers are provided below:


  • Yonkers is New York’s third-largest city, and the largest city in Westchester County, with a population of 211,569 as of 2020.
  • Yonkers Public Schools is the third-largest school district in New York State with 39 schools, located in the lower Hudson Valley, immediately north of New York City. It represents a vibrant learning community of 27K students from 100 cultures, backgrounds, and nationalities in grades PreK-12. It is also the 2nd largest employer in Westchester County, with a diverse work- force of 3.3K educators and support staff.


Audience-reach Opportunity

  • YDNM has approximately 21K followers across its social media channels (Fa- cebook and Instagram), strong engagement, and an e-mail base of over 50K subscribers. In addition, the YDNM Talk Show platform has over 80K views on YouTube.
  • Yonkers Public Schools will highlight and disseminate invitations to the March through its social media platforms (Their Facebook page has 17K followers and their Instagram has 10.2K followers) and will also blast infor- mation out through their internal newsletter that goes to 10K people, inclu- ding students, caregivers, and school employees.
  • YDNM will conduct contests on social media to incentive more followers and amplify reach and interaction with the audiences pre-, during, and post-March.

PR and Live Streaming
Having stakeholders as active partners ensures local and national larger media outlets cover the event. There are existing connections with Tele- mundo and CBS, among others. Moreover, YDNM plans to live stream the March on YouTube, where more profiles may join and increase the number of viewers.

Contact Us

In 2020, Yo Digo No Más (I Say No More) founder Maria Trusa started a movement of the same name with the purpose of uniting the voices of millions of Latino sexual abuse survivors around the world in a shout for hope and change.
Contact us if you are interested in finding out more or if you have skills or resources to share.