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#YoDigoNoMas (#ISayNoMore) wants to be a voice that grows louder and reaches further with each passing day. This is why we want to listen to you, learn your story, and journey with you as you rewrite it. We want you to be able to identify red flags in your life or the life of someone close to you who may be suffering abuse. Become part of the #YoDigoNoMas movement and share your story by following the steps below.

Send us your story in whatever format you are more comfortable with (audio, video, or text).

Remember: if you are not prepared to reveal your identity, you can write anonymously. To do this, simply select the anonymous posting option at the beginning of the form. You also can use an alias to identify your story on our web site.

Talking is the first step to healing.
Together we are stronger.

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Who have told us their story

For years, Mike Spano kept silent about the experience of sexual abuse he suffered when he was 12 years old

Aware of the importance of letting more people know how to prevent sexual abuse and to expose people who are willing to harm children and young people, Mike Spano, Mayor of Yonkers (New York)  Although he kept silent for many years, his work as a government official has allowed him to positively impact people who, …
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Nathalie Méndez sexual abuse survivor

Survivors of sexual abuse now have a safe space to tell their story at the Talk Show #YoDigoNoMas, the program that raises its voice in the face of this silent pandemic. Every Wednesday you will see a new episode at 8pm (EST). Nathalie Méndez was sexually abused by her grandfather, but for many years she …
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Talk Show #YoDigoNoMas Premiere

On July 28th, we shared with the people who have supported us from the beginning and have helped this movement impact survivors of sexual abuse. It was very fulfilling to be able to shake hands with the people who have contributed to make this project a reality. The Talk Show #YoDigoNoMas premiere was charged with …
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María Trusa at “Hablando con Susana”

Susana Hernández, host of the show “Conversando con Susana” talks with María Trusa to learn about her story and how she became the successful woman she is today.

The story of an Ecuadorian girl

Get to know the story of an Ecuadorian girl that, at 18, traveled to Corea only to live a situation that changed her life forever. Today, she joins #ISayNoMore to continue her healing process. I am going to tell a story for which I still don’t have a title; I have always called it “when …
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María Trusa’s Story

Get to know María Trusa’s story, founder of the #ISayNoMore movement and author of the book with the same name. At 9 years old, she was abused in Dominican Republic. Hello, my name is María Trusa, for 47 years I was silent, and I never talked about the abuse I suffered when I was only …
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Paula Ocampo’s Story

Get to know Paula Ocampo’s story, a 38 year old from Colombia who was abused from 3 to 13 years of age but that, today, joins #ISayNoMore as a part of her healing process. My name is Paula Ocampo, I am 38 years old and I am from Colombia. I was sexually abused from when …
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