Curriculum Brave Space

Every 68 seconds

an American is s3xually assaulted.
Curriculum Brave Space

Every 9 minutes

that victim is a child.
Curriculum Brave Space

Only 30%

of the 4buses get reported.

About the project

Brave Spaces is a human-centered curriculum designed to engage and empower youth, specifically Latinx youth in preventing, identifying, and speaking against sexual violence. Brave Spaces will assist schools in creating a forum for meaningful discussion in which youth will engage with digital platforms, classroom discussions, peers, and facilitators as they learn about different forms of sexual violence, how to identify it when they see or experience it, and how to prevent it when they can. In Brave Spaces, youth are equipped with the knowledge and tools that can prevent and protect them against the silent pandemic of sexual violence and abuse. The program also involves parents, community partners, and medical and mental health agencies, taking a community approach to the care and education of our youth. 


To reduce the rate of sexual violence among school-aged children and adolescents by 50% over the next 20 years.

  • 1. Educate children and adolescents about sexual violence.
  • 2. Provide preventive sexual violence measures and tools for children and adolescents.
  • 3. Support survivors and families in their process of healing and active reintegration into their communities.
  • 4. Provide survivors and families with resources to overcome their trauma.
  • 5. Create sexual violence awareness within the community.

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Thousands of voices speaking as one can achieve amazing things. We invite you to join the #YoDigoNoMas (#ISayNoMore) movement with a donation supporting the development of a variety of programs to aid survivors of abuse.