Our past, present and future

The #YoDigoNoMas (#ISayNoMore) movement emerged as a response to the violence and systematic abuse that immigrants, particularly Latino people, have suffered in the United States. While this community continues to suffer tremendously, support for its members in the face of traumatic abuse situations is practically nonexistent. Survivors have rights regardless of where they come from.

Abuse survivors need to be represented in public spaces so others in similar situations can hear their voices. Stopping the cycle of abuse is everyone’s responsibility. Those who have been abused are highly likely to become abusers themselves. The movement gives voice to these stories to break the chain of silence and prevent others from being abused.

Our vision is for the #YoDigoNoMas movement to become a global movement that allows Latino abuse survivors to raise their voices and exercise the right to denounce their abusers publicly. Pulling back the curtain on this silent pandemic will allow abuse survivors to recognize that they are not alone. Thousands of people have suffered similar trauma. Together, they can bring healing into their lives.