Bill Drysdale

Fenix Arias

Board of Directors

Fenix Arias is a multifaceted and solutions-focused senior management leader with a solid track record of success in higher education operations management, strategy planning and execution, fiscal management, organizational assessment, program development, and continuous improvements in ever-evolving environments requiring adaptability and decisiveness to succeed.

She is an action-oriented visionary and project leader with an entrepreneurial mindset and keen ability to identify areas of opportunity to introduce cost-effective technology solutions to optimize efficiency and productivity, enhance workflow and processes to consistently meet – and often exceed – organizational goals.

She is an astute business leader that excels in leading the charge to improve policies, protocols, and introduce legislation to address organizational needs. A data-driven decision-maker who thrives on taking on new challenges to support solutions that will mitigate risks while optimizing organizational success.

She seeks to refocus her career to a leadership role in non-profit or private sector to effectively utilize academic credentials and strong business and operations background, strategic planning and execution, organizational management, program development, database administration, and technical solutions that are readily translatable to a role in any industry.