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Together, we will break the silence. The #YoDigoNoMas (#ISayNoMore) movement wants to help you rewrite your story. Join the hundreds of survivors who have raised their voices to say NO MORE to the various manifestations of abuse. It is time to talk.

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We can all be part of the change. Each of us can engage in small actions that will help #YoDigoNoMas become a bigger movement every day. Cross your arms to show that you reject abuse and support the millions of abuse survivors around the world.

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Millions of people suffer abuse worldwide. We in #YoDigoNoMas want to help them break their silence.

With your help, we can reach those who live with a secret destroying their soul.

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Your contribution keeps alive the voice of hope and elevates the voices of the survivors who have broken their silence to say NO MORE.

100% of sales proceeds will be directed toward supporting the survivors of abuse.

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Maria Trusa’s powerful book, Yo Digo No Más (I Say No More), is a valuable tool for self-improvement that can be an inspirational gift for yourself or anyone who has lived through trauma.

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Amazing things can be achieved when thousands of voices unite for a single purpose. We invite you to join the #YoDigoNoMas movement with a donation supporting the development of a variety of programs to aid survivors of abuse.

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We at #YoDigoNoMas believe that unity makes us stronger. Your knowledge and passion could contribute to the healing process of millions of people around the world. If you have any ideas to amplify our voices or magnify our impact, contact us.

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