It is important that you keep the victim company; guilt is present in most cases. You can ask the person what they want to do so you can stop the abuse together. Go to victim support centers to start the healing process.

We are very proud, you have given the first step! For the victims it is very hard to acknowledge that they have suffered from abuse; you are very brave. As a next step, you can identify the close people around you that have your trust. If pain clouds your vision and it is difficult to identify these people, go to a victim support center. You can also contact us and we can find the spaces that will provide specialized care. You are not alone.

At home, caretakers can form strong channels of communication with their children so they can feel the trust to talk about what happens to them. This way red flags can be identified before something harder to handle happens.

In the movement, it is suggested that prevention for abuse can happen by following several strategies such as:

  • The visualization of the millions of victims around the world
  • Supporting the programs for sexual education and emotional education
  • Providing psychosocial treatment for the victims
  • Creating emotional and support networks for the victims

You will be able to show that your voice matters, and that your rights must be respected. Some social or cultural contexts do not allow the victims to feel backed up to denunciate because they could be victims again and judged; but in western contexts, in which the law protects the victim, the report allows them to own their story and to decide how they want it to be told.

There are some ways of participating that can adapt to different profiles.

  • Participate through your personal story. If you were a victim of abuse, you can tell what you lived. Raising your voice empowers you and allows others to be brave and talk about what they are suffering from. You can do it anonymously.
  • If you have not lived a situation of abuse, but you want to help victims to heal their pain, you can make a donation that will help these women get by.
  • Visualizing the cases of sexual abuse that I watch everyday, sending them to the social networks of #ISayNoMore, and share the content uploaded there.
  • The raised money will be used to fund the psychosocial treatments of the victims of sexual abuse.
  • There will also be workshops, forums, conferences and talks to prevent sexual abuse in children and adults.
  • Lastly, children and young ones will be accompanied to prevent sexual abuse through a dinamyc brochure with digital content.