On April 13th, the #YoDigoNoMas (I Say No More) movement, in collaboration with SUNY Westchester Community College and Goya Cares, will host the Second Yo Digo No Mas Breaks the Silence Against Sexual Abuse of Our Children Conference.

When we join forces, we can make an impact. The goal of this conference is to learn about breaking the silence, educating yourself, and healing from the silent pandemic of sexual abuse of our children.

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Westchester County Conference

Join us for an informative panel discussion and enjoy complimentary food, plus more activities.

This conference will focus on the following three pillars to help the community in need:

  1. “Break the Silence”- Hear from survivors who have decided to speak out and rewrite their stories as well as the effects of child sexual abuse on their loved ones.
  2. Education: A psychologist will speak to educate the children and their families on:
    – How to speak with your children (Age-Specific)
    – How to identify the signs of abuse (Age-specific)
    – How to prevent sexual abuse
  3. Healing: A psychologist will speak about healing ourselves to heal the community.

Can’t make it but want to join our cause?

You can also support our cause with donations. With just $1, you can make a difference in the life of a child! All proceeds will go towards the development of educational programs. Together, we can put an end to the sexual abuse of the most innocent, but we need your help!

About Yo Digo No Mas (I Say No More):

Yo Digo No Mas is a non-profit organization that has launched a global movement to raise awareness of the high prevalence of sexual abuse happening to our children and break the silence and cycle of sexual abuse through education and prevention, providing mental health resources and tools for survivors and their families.

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