3 Miles
Elevation Gain
551 ft
Route type
Out & Back

Live an unforgettable adventure and Hike With a Mission, where breathtaking trails and a commitment to positive change await. Designed to make the most of the sunny season, our program offers an exciting lineup of hikes that connect you with nature, foster personal growth, and support the #YoDigoNoMas movement.

You will be able to explore breathtaking paths while learning about different topics and making every step in this experience a true adventure.

Indulge in the various scenarios and terrains of New York with hikes of varying levels of difficulty while contributing to the #YoDigoNoMas (#ISayNoMore) movement for the development of programs that support our mission in protecting the innocence of our children and saying “NO MORE” to sexual abuse.

All hiking tours are pet-friendly taking into account the health and well-being of our four-legged friends. Please be sure to bring their necessities as well to ensure they are comfortable and can enjoy the hike.

Hike and learn
Non Profit
Checklist to consider
  • A Hiking Pack
  • Water
  • Hiking Shoes or walking shoes
  • A Jacket
  • Sun protection
  • Snacks
  • Lip Balm
Tarrytown Lakes Park
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Tarrytown Lakes Park

White Plains

This summer enjoy hiking with a purpose and make an impact on our children hosted by Yo Digo No Mas (I Say No More) nonprofit organization.

June 24
10:00 A.M.