Why donate $10 to the #YoDigoNoMas movement?

Every day, thousands of people suffer in silence from the pain and trauma caused by sexual abuse during childhood. Your donation to Yo Digo No Mas (I Say No More) can help make a difference in the lives of vulnerable children.

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Every dollar counts, donating $10 or more to support our programs for prevention, education, and support for sexual abuse survivors. Your donation will significantly impact and help us create a safe future for all.


Our Projects

10 dollars

Talk Show

A talk show featuring testimonies and stories of people who broke the silence.

10 dollars


A march dedicated to raising awareness and preventing sexual abuse.

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A curriculum designed to teach and prevent sexual abuse in schools.




“Thanks to #YoDigoNoMas for allowing me to speak out, which is sometimes necessary, and which people need to see as a reality because sexual abuse happen and is more common than we think.”
10 dollars
Erandi, sexual abuse survivor -
“I believe that from now on, with #YoDigoNoMas help, we can break the silence more often and tell the world to take care of themselves, to protect themselves, and to take care of their children.”
10 dollars
Maria, sexual abuse survivor -
“Speak up, say what you have to say, let it out, that’s what heals you, that’s how you start the healing process by talking about it, sharing it, and when you start sharing it you realize how many other people have experienced what you have experienced.”
10 dollars
Myra, Sexual abuse survivor -
“Be strong, have the courage to come forward, tell your story, because if you don’t want to see what happened to you happen to someone else, then your story matters. Your story will save lives, your story will prevent others from going through this.”
10 dollars
Mike Spano, sexual abuse survivor -
Thanks to #YoDigoNoMas for allowing me to tell my story. Unfortunately, my daughter is also a victim of sexual abuse, and that’s why I do it, so that everyone knows they have to regain their power and confront their abuser. You no longer have just one path, you have many opportunities, you have social networks, you have more options than I had when I was a child, so do yourself a favor, find your power, you have control of your life, your destiny, and you have to start now.
10 dollars
Johnny - Sexual Abuse Survivor -

How else can I help besides donating?

1. Share our campaign on your social media using the hashtag #YoDigoNoMas.

2.  Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about the movement and the importance of preventing sexual abuse.

3.  Invite your colleagues and friends to make a $10 donation.

4.  Attend our events to learn more about how to protect children and support survivors.

5.  Become a volunteer at our events, conferences and “Annual Walk Against Sexual Abuse of Our Children”.

Together, we can make a difference in the lives of child sexual abuse survivors and protect the innocence of our children. Join the #YoDigoNoMás movement today!