Who is a perpetrator?

Who is a perpetrator?

First of all, it is important to be clear that a perpetrator is that person who commits s3xual 4buse against someone else, whether it is physical, verbal, or visual s3xual 4buse. But who can be a perpetrator?

This is one of the most difficult issues when it comes to preventing s3xual 4buse, because when we think of a perpetrator, the first thing we imagine is someone unknown to the victim, a person with a frightening and threatening appearance, something like a monster. However, the truth is that anyone, even someone in our close circle, can be a perpetrator.

With this in mind, do you really know how to recognize a perpetrator? Here are some signs that can help you identify a perpetrator, so you can ask for help and break the chains of s3xual 4buse.

Who might be a perpetrator?

To identify a perpetrator, there are three key things to be aware of. These are as follows:

  • Anyone can be a perpetrator, including adults (male or female) around you, a friend, acquaintance, or neighbor.
  • S3xual offenders can also be strangers or people you don’t know.
  • This may make you uncomfortable or even scared to think about. But knowing how to identify a sex offender or a person who may be dangerous will protect you.

With this in mind, it is important that you know the signs that can be clues when recognizing a possible perpetrator of 4buse. Here are some of the main and most common ones.

What are the signs of a perpetrator?

Signs to be aware of to recognize a perpetrator are:

  • A s3xual offender does not listen to or accept your body’s rules, even when you tell them that you don’t want something.
  • A s3xual offender does not behave like other adults you know and is overly friendly.
  • A sex offender talks to you about their problems or personal relationships.
  • They ask you to spend more time than normal with them. For example: a coach who asks you to be alone with them after practice for no reason.
  • A sex offender makes comments about sex or about your body.
  • They may show you magazines or nude photos.
  • They may give or offer you gifts for no specific reason.

Each of these signs can be a clear indication that a person is a perpetrator. If you detect them in someone around you, try as much as possible to stay away and follow the recommendations mentioned below.

What to do if you have seen or know a perpetrator?

To report a possible perpetrator, it is essential that you talk to someone you trust. In addition, there are also ways that you can contact for advice and support in this type of situation. Some of them are Tas follows:

Remember that, above all else, your safety is the most important thing. If you recognize signs that a person is a perpetrator, don’t be afraid to speak up and ask for help. This way, you can even prevent others from becoming victims of s3xual 4buse.

At Yo Digo No Más, we can also give you the support you need. Join our movement and, together, let’s fight to prevent child s3xual 4buse.