What is sorority and how does it help abused women

What is sorority and how does it help abused women?

Sorority speaks of the alliance or sisterhood among women in situations of discrimination or violence to fight for equality and their rights, as well as to support each other. Its practice can be essential for the elimination of forms of oppression and dangers that oppress women’s empowerment.

This attitude of mutual aid and female sisterhood has become a tool through which women unite against stereotypes and social beliefs that tend to downplay women’s role in society.

And although for many years, women have been educated to compete with each other, this concept opens the door to a new form of relationship between women based on friendship and solidarity.

In fact, many people tend to think that there is no difference between solidarity and sorority, but the former refers to the selfless help given to anyone, while the latter refers to the support given among women in situations of abuse or gender-based violence.

11 situations in which sorority manifests itself

If you are still not clear on what sorority is all about, below you can identify some situations in which this sisterhood among women manifests itself:

– When they provide support to other women who have been victims of gender-based violence.

– When they offer help to women who feel rejected by patriarchal ideologies.

– When they help women who suffer abuse or discrimination in the workplace.

– When they help women reach those job positions that are apparently off-limits to women.

– When they support other women in achieving financial freedom.

– When they join other women in the fight for their rights.

– When they provide emotional assistance to other women in overcoming the trauma of abuse.

– When they help women who are suffering sexual abuse.

– When they offer support to victims of economic violence.

– When they help women in the struggle for equality.

– When they help other women feel good about their bodies.

Being allies can be the key to achieving greater progress in the search for more egalitarian societies, hence the importance of sorority and that more and more women join in this practice.

4 guidelines for promoting sorority

Fostering respect, solidarity and empathy among women is essential to strengthen women’s networks and promote more harmonious environments. But how can sorority be fostered? Pay attention to the following guidelines:

Encourage respect. It is essential to avoid judging physical appearance.

Respect individual choices. Choices such as marriage and motherhood should not be evaluated, approved or judged by others.

Avoid making judgments about other people’s sexuality. Sexual orientation and the decisions people make regarding their sexuality should not be judged by others.

Support in any case of discrimination or harassment. We must all be aware of the need to protect all people from any kind of mistreatment. It is necessary to create safe spaces for all people.

It is not so difficult to put sorority into practice and to promote it in different areas and among the new generations. We can all contribute to build societies in which we are all equal, how are you contributing?

You are not alone

In the #YoDigoNoMas Movement, we know that receiving the support we need at the right time can define our lives. That is why we promote practices such as sisterhood, which can help build better societies in which women and men have the same guarantees, rights, and opportunities.

However, the #YoDigoNoMas Movement not only seeks to support women, but we also embrace all survivors of sexual abuse and provide a safe and trusted space for them to break the silence and heal their wounds. Learn more about our Movement and join our cause.