What is Digital Violence Against Women and How Does it Manifest?

What is Digital Violence Against Women and How Does it Manifest?

Technology has changed many things we do and how we do them. However, it has also brought real-world threats into the digital world, such as digital violence against women, also known as online gender-based violence. Similar to the physical world, this form of violence can have serious physical, mental, and emotional repercussions on those who experience it.

But what is digital violence against women?

Digital violence against women refers to any form of violence perpetrated through digital means or online spaces that can harm women of all ages and social conditions. It does not present itself in a singular form; below are some of its manifestations.

Online Harassment

Women are often victims of online harassment, which can include threatening messages, offensive comments, insults, and personal attacks based on their gender. Social media, forums, messaging apps are some online spaces where this can occur.

Defamation and Humiliation

Other expressions of digital violence include online defamation and humiliation, where a woman’s reputation is attacked through the spread of false information or the sharing of intimate images without consent.


Cyberbullying is a serious form of digital violence that involves using technology to harass, threaten, or intimidate. This can include sending malicious messages repeatedly, posting humiliating content, or creating fake profiles to harass the victim.

Revenge Porn

This refers to when an ex-partner or individuals with malicious intent share intimate images or videos of the victim without their consent.


Another form of digital violence involves blackmailing a woman to provide money, intimate images, or perform sexual acts through digital means under the threat of spreading compromising content.

Identity Theft

Creating fake profiles is another form of digital violence that aims to defame or damage someone’s reputation.

The various expressions of digital violence against women can have a devastating impact on the lives of the victims. Emotionally, it can cause anxiety, depression, fear, and a decrease in self-esteem. Socially, it can lead to isolation and the loss of meaningful relationships, among other long-term consequences in their lives.

The Case of Digital Violence Against Rosalía

Although we may think that digital violence only affects certain individuals, the case of Spanish singer Rosalía, which occurred a few months ago and was widely publicized through the media, highlighted that any woman is vulnerable to becoming a victim.

The Spanish singer denounced how another singer used nearly nude images of her to promote a song. The images were taken without her consent from the social network Instagram and altered with the help of artificial intelligence-based tools. Additionally, the singer insinuated that she had shared them herself. 

“The body of a woman is not public property or a commodity for a marketing strategy,” said the singer, who was also emphatic in pointing out: “there is something called consent.”

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What Can Be Done to Combat Digital Violence Against Women?

The best strategy to combat digital violence against women is by creating a safe online environment. Here are some actions that can help reduce risks in digital spaces:

– Educate about digital violence, its consequences, warning signs, and the importance of reporting it.

– Governments and institutions urgently need to implement effective policies and laws that protect women from digital violence.

– It is important for victims of digital violence to have support and counseling to recover.

– Promote empathy and respect in online spaces.

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