Types of s3xual 4buse

Types of s3xual 4buse

S3xual 4buse is a form of violence that affects people of all ages, genders, and cultures around the world. According to figures from the World Health Organization (WHO), one in five women and one in 13 men have reported being s3xually 4bused when they were between ages 0 to 17.

When we hear of s3xual 4buse, we often think of the use of physical violence to force a victim to perform s3xual acts. However, this is not the only kind of s3xual 4buse. To avoid becoming a victim of a possible assault, it is very important to be clear that there are different types.

Below, we explain the types of s3xual 4buse that exist. Remember that, if you have been a victim of any of them, or someone around you is suffering from it, it is important to seek help and break the silence. Talking about it will be the first step to heal the wounds of s3xual 4buse and prevent more people from suffering it.

What are the types of s3xual 4buse?

There are 3 types of s3xual 4buse, which are: physical, verbal and visual 4buse.

Physical s3xual 4buse

It happens when you are forced to touch or are touched inappropriately. What does this mean? That someone asks you to caress them or they caress you anywhere on your body and you do not feel comfortable. It can be in the genital areas, breasts, buttocks, or thighs. In fact, it can be anywhere on your body that makes you feel uncomfortable.

It is also physical s3xual 4buse if you are forced to kiss someone’s lips or body parts. Also, if you feel compelled to let someone kiss you on any part of your body, it is also physical s3xual 4buse.

And of course, it is physical s3xual 4buse if you are forced to have sex. Often, this type of s3xual 4buse is confused with s3xual violence, however, these are two different concepts.

Verbal s3xual 4buse

In this case, verbal s3xual 4buse happens when someone threatens you, asks you to perform s3xual acts, or talks about touching you inappropriately.

It also occurs when someone is making comments about your body, especially about your “bathing suit areas,” (i.e., breasts, buttocks, penis, or vagina). It can even be observed when an adult is talking about sex or s3xual acts with you.

Visual s3xual 4buse

Finally, this type of s3xual 4buse happens when, for example, someone forces you to look at nude pictures of other people or magazines that show nudity or scenes that make you feel uncomfortable.
It is also called visual s3xual 4buse when someone forces you to watch videos of people having sex or people in real life having sex, or even when someone shows you their naked body.
This can be one of the most difficult types of s3xual 4buse to detect, as most of the time it is usually camouflaged as “a joke”. However, this is 4buse that can cause significant damage to your mental health, so it is important that you act immediately to stop the 4buse.

What should I do if I detect any type of s3xual 4buse?

If you think you are being a victim of any of the types of s3xual 4buse we talked about above, or you know someone who may be suffering from it, you should know that there are many available means in which you can receive support to denounce the case and break the silence.
You can contact any of the following organizations:

Also, remember that in the Yo Digo No Más, I Say No More movement, we also provide support and a safe space where you can get the help you need to overcome any type of s3xual 4buse. Tell us your story and together let’s say NO MORE to s3xual 4buse.