Thank you for joining us in the Second March against Sexual Abuse of our Children

Thank you for joining us in the Second March against Sexual Abuse of our Children

The Second March against Sexual Abuse of our Children took place on Saturday, April 29th in Yonkers (New York). From the #YoDigoNoMas Movement, we want to express our sincere gratitude to all those who committed to adding their voice to ours to protect our children, to those who joined with donations to help us create awareness, and to those who joined as sponsors.

We are convinced that we can all contribute to ending sexual abuse and protecting our children from sexual predators, and each person who joins our cause encourages us to continue working to positively impact more people and communities.

Since the foundation of the #YoDigoNoMas Movement, we have not rested, taking important steps such as the creation of the #YoDigoNoMas Talk Show, the organization of the First March against Sexual Abuse of our Children in 2022, the creation of the book A Brave Space, and the school program. Each of these projects has allowed us to advance our mission, and we will not stop.

A message of gratitude

Each step we took during the march brings us closer to our goal of stopping the silent pandemic of sexual abuse, which destroys the lives of thousands of people every day. Similarly, each person who supported us with their donations to continue promoting education as a preventive tool helps us become stronger every day and advance our projects to raise awareness and create knowledge.

We also deeply appreciate the work of our volunteers, each of their efforts made a difference so that Saturday was a special and memorable day, and they gave us the most valuable thing: their time. They can be assured that each of their actions is an invaluable contribution to fulfilling our mission.

Likewise, we thank all the companies and organizations that committed to this initiative and joined as sponsors. Without their help, nothing we achieved would have been possible.

Additionally, we want to express our gratitude to Astrid Rivera, Ana Albarran, and Mayor Mike Spano, who have supported us on this path we have taken, joining this mission to protect our children, prevent their innocence from being stolen, and save many lives.

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We are unstoppable

The rain that threatened to prevent us from marching through the streets of Yonkers did not manage to silence us and became just another companion as we rejected sexual violence and demanded the rights of our children. We also had space to be inspired by the stories of brave survivors of sexual abuse. They emphasized the importance of breaking the silence, seeking help, and starting a healing process.

Together as a big family, we shared an important space to raise awareness and knowledge because one voice alone cannot stop this silent pandemic; we need to come together to have a greater impact. This cannot be the fight of just one person.

Just as we had your support today, we invite you to continue accompanying each step of the #YoDigoNoMas Movement and continue working to promote education as a preventive tool. Don’t forget that on the Movement’s website, you can find valuable resources, and you can also join our cause in various ways.

We have already started an important journey, and each of our steps can save many lives. That’s why we thank you again for your empathy towards survivors of sexual violence, your willingness to help us protect our children and say No More to sexual abuse, and we invite you to continue walking with us so that together we can stop this silent pandemic, helping to rewrite many life stories.