María Trusa leads march to say no more to sexual abuse.

María Trusa leads march to say no more to sexual abuse.

In an interview with El Show de Cabanillas, María Trusa, founder of the Yo Digo No Más Movement shared her story of sexual abuse at an early age that destroyed her body, her soul, her innocence, and her life for decades and how she decided to stop being a victim and become a creator.
After her experience of sexual abuse at the age of nine, when her father gave her to a man who became her abuser, María married a Dominican man at age 17. He also had his history of trauma and for years he also physically and mentally abused her.
María had not realized how destroyed she was inside, as this experience broke the five pillars of life for her: the body, the family, the spiritual pillar, the financial pillar, and the pillar of joy, but when her first child was born, she could not connect with him because he was a boy, and she felt that all men destroyed her, and at three months old, when she almost caused great harm to him, her first child became the accelerant that led her to say “No More”.

It is necessary to break the silence

Although it took Maria 47 years to talk about her experience of sexual abuse, for her, telling her story is like going back to that night that changed her life, but she says it is necessary in order to stop ‘the silent pandemic’ of sexual abuse that affects thousands of children.

I Say No More to Sexual Violence March

As part of the National Sexual Assault Awareness Month, the Yo Digo No Más Movement, in keeping with its mission, has sought to bring awareness around sexual abuse prevention, and has organized, in conjunction with the Mayor’s Office and the Yonkers School District, the First I Say No More to Sexual Violence March.
During the day, to be held on April 30th, nine workshops will be held with expert trauma psychologists from Stony Brook Hospital, members of the Me Too Movement to provide tools to children, adolescents, parents and caregivers to prevent sexual abuse.
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