How to Recover Self-Esteem and Feel Better About Yourself?

How to Recover Self-Esteem and Feel Better About Yourself?

When a person experiences sexual abuse, various aspects of their life are affected by this experience. However, self-esteem is perhaps one of the aspects that is most affected, as abuse generates a sense of devaluation and a negative perception of oneself in the survivor. Nevertheless, it is possible to recover self-esteem and rebuild a positive self-image after such a traumatic experience.

In addition to feelings such as fear, shame, or guilt, many survivors of sexual abuse see how their trust in others and in themselves is destroyed. They also feel that they are worth very little and that, for some reason, they have a label that invites all the people around them to abuse them. Additionally, many others develop, for example, eating disorders, a tendency to self-harm, among other behaviors.

Although the healing process from this type of traumatic event is not simple, it is important to be very clear that it is possible to heal the wounds, recover self-esteem, and feel good about oneself again.

How to regain self-esteem? 5 tips

One of the biggest ruptures a person experiences after being exposed to an experience of sexual abuse is in their relationship with themselves. Recovering self-esteem takes time and effort. The following tips can be very helpful in this difficult process.

Acceptance of pain

After experiencing sexual abuse, it is important to recognize and accept feelings of pain and others that may arise. Experiencing emotions such as sadness, anger, shame, or guilt is valid.

Educate yourself about sexual abuse

Learning about sexual abuse and its effects is crucial to understand that you are not guilty of what happened. Consult reliable sources, such as organizations specializing in the care of victims of sexual abuse or mental health professionals. Learning about the mechanisms of sexual abuse and how it affects people can help free you from feelings of guilt.

Seek help

Seeking the advice of a mental health professional is essential to move towards healing and to rebuild self-esteem. A therapist trained in trauma and sexual abuse can help you work through your emotions, develop healthy coping strategies, and foster a positive self-image. It is important to remember that you are not alone and that having the support of a professional can make a difference in your recovery process.

Focus on self-care

Dedicating time and attention to your physical, emotional, and mental well-being after experiencing sexual abuse is essential. Getting enough rest, adopting a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and practicing relaxation techniques such as meditation or deep breathing can be very helpful in regaining self-esteem. In addition, identifying and establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships and daily activities to protect your well-being should be a priority.

Rebuild trust

After experiencing sexual abuse, self-confidence and trust in oneself and others can be severely affected. Always keep in mind that confidence is gradually rebuilt through small steps:

– Start by trusting yourself and your ability to heal and grow.

– Set realistic goals and celebrate each achievement, no matter how small.

– Then you can begin to trust others again.

– Do not be afraid to seek healthy relationships and friendships that provide you with support and understanding.

Recovering self-esteem after experiencing sexual abuse is a challenging process but not impossible. With time, the right support, and commitment to yourself, you can heal and rebuild a positive image.

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You can transform your pain into energy

The pain caused by an experience of sexual abuse seems impossible to bear; however, it is essential to find the lessons that these situations often bring and develop resilience in each situation.

Being aware that you deserve love, respect, and a fulfilling life is an important step in advancing the healing process. In the #YoDigoNoMás Movement, we share valuable tools with you to recover self-esteem and feel good about yourself again.

Learn more about the Movement and the mission we have focused on preventing sexual abuse and supporting survivors of abuse. Additionally, you can find various mechanisms to join our cause.