How to Adopt a Positive Attitude Towards Sexuality?

How to Adopt a Positive Attitude Towards Sexuality?

Sexuality is a fundamental aspect for human beings and crucial when it comes to interpersonal relationships. However, for various reasons including cultural, social, and educational factors, some people have difficulties in adopting a positive attitude towards sexuality.

In many cultures, sexuality and sex education are subjects that are avoided due to shame or fear of judgment, and this can have repercussions on how people perceive their bodies and relate to their partners. Moreover, in most cases, the lack of comprehensive sex education can lead to sexual assaults and abusive behavior.

Additionally, in today’s world, the ways of relating promoted by the use of technology have had a negative impact on the experience of sexuality and have normalized harmful behaviors such as addiction to pornography, sexting, and the distortion of sexuality through sexualized images, among others.

Why Adopt a Positive Attitude Towards Sexuality?

Undoubtedly, access to comprehensive sex education, in addition to allowing for a healthier experience of sexuality, will contribute to achieving greater physical and emotional well-being and improving the quality of interpersonal relationships.

Below you will find some of the reasons why it is important to have a positive attitude towards sexuality:

Improves self-acceptance

A positive attitude towards sexuality helps us to accept and appreciate our own sexual identity. It also helps to reduce the anxiety and shame that have been associated with sexuality by social norms.

Increases self-esteem

A positive attitude towards sexuality promotes greater self-esteem and self-confidence, which can have a positive impact on various areas of life.

Allows for enjoying a fulfilling sex life

A positive mindset facilitates exploring and enjoying sexuality in a healthy and satisfying way, without feeling guilty.

Facilitates communication within the couple

An open attitude towards sexuality facilitates communication with the partner about desires, needs, and boundaries, strengthening intimacy and emotional connection.

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What Role Does Sex Education Play?

Ignorance about sex education perpetuates false beliefs and myths about an important human dimension such as sexuality and can also feed unfounded fears.

Sexuality is not something that should be repressed or judged. Hence the importance of openly discussing sexuality and ensuring that people, from an early age, have access to this information. Learn about some important aspects of promoting sex education.

Debunks misconceptions

Comprehensive sex education helps to demystify erroneous ideas and stereotypes associated with sexuality, as well as develop a realistic and positive view of this aspect of life.

Promotes respect and empathy

Through comprehensive sex education, it is possible to promote respect for the diversity of sexual identities and orientations.

Promotes safe practices

Proper sex education provides information about safe and healthy sexual practices, which contributes to making responsible decisions and leading a healthy and responsible sex life.

Encourages open communication

Sex education encourages open and honest communication about sexuality among parents, educators, and students, contributing to a better understanding and management of sexuality.

In the #YoDigoNoMas Movement, we are convinced that proper sex education is fundamental to promoting a healthier and responsible sexuality and can save thousands of lives. That’s why we work to bring knowledge to children, adolescents, parents, and caregivers and thus provide tools to prevent sexual abuse. Learn more about the Movement and discover how you can join our cause so that together we can put an end to the “silent pandemic” of sexual abuse.