How do you tell someone?

How do you tell someone?

Talking to someone after having suffered a sexual abuse experience is often a difficult step for the victim. This can be clearly seen in figures from different agencies. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) indicates that 85% of people who experience child sexual abuse either never disclose it or do so much later.

In most cases, this fear of speaking out, of breaking the silence and denouncing the perpetrator, arises for reasons such as threats from the abuser to the victim, the feeling of guilt that the abused person usually develops, and even the fear of what the other people around them will say or think.

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, first of all, you should know that you are not alone and that you are not to blame for anything. Also, it is important that you understand that silence is never a solution and talking about it with someone is the first step towards healing those emotional wounds that may arise after the abuse.

As an example of this, we invite you to read this testimony, in which you can learn about the importance of talking about what happens when you suffer a case of sexual abuse.

Why is it important to talk about it with someone?

Sexual abuse is a crime that can have many consequences on the mental health of the victim, and can even lead to the development of negative feelings about oneself, such as a lack of courage to do the things you love, a lack of self-esteem, etc.

In this article, we will discuss the consequences of sexual abuse, which can be accentuated when you do not talk about what happened with someone.

Breaking the silence and talking about this type of experience, in addition to saving you from suffering deeper emotional damage, also prevents others from continuing to suffer this type of abuse. Remember that, when silence is kept, the only person who benefits is the perpetrator, who is even strengthened to continue practicing the 4buse.

Talking to someone is the most important step in dealing with sexual abuse. Reporting weakens the perpetrator and allows more and more people to know about such cases, which allows further progress to be made in the fight against sexual abuse.

Who to talk to when you are sexually abused?

If you have been a victim of sexual abuse, it can often be difficult to know where to turn to talk about what happened and to find the support you need after suffering from this type of abuse. Ideally, you should have a circle of support that you can turn to, so that you can report any situation that makes you feel uncomfortable or in danger.

Here are some of the options you can turn to:

  • People you trust.
  • Parents.
  • Someone in your family.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that there are several places where you can turn to, and where you can receive emotional support from professionals in cases of sexual abuse. Some of them are the following:

Remember that your safety is always the most important thing. As a victim of sexual abuse, silence is not an option you should choose. At Yo Digo No Más, we also offer you a safe space where you can talk and begin the process that will help you heal emotionally after this type of experience.

Tell us your story. Your courage can be an example for thousands of people who have suffered abuse and have not been able to talk about their experience. Together, we can stop the silent pandemic of sexual abuse.