Freedom of sexual choice for women

Freedom of sexual choice for women

For decades, women have been struggling and fighting for their rights, and even though they have managed to get some of the rights that have always been denied for them, the freedom of sexual choice is still seen as a platonic right.

In general, one of the rights that women are still missing (or rather, that society has not granted them yet) is independence, the freedom to be independent. Step by step, in a long, tedious fight, they have accomplished to gain the rights men have always enjoyed, nonetheless, they do not have the basic right to choose about themselves yet.

There is then the irony that they have the right to choose who their president or governor is going to be, but they do not have the right to decide what happens to their own body.

Sexual freedom refers to the fact that women could self-determine their choices regarding the sexual matter, meaning, that she can own her body, that she can share it voluntarily, decide if she wants children or not, with whom and when.

Within that right, women would have to be able to make the decision of taking contraceptives or not, which ones, and of having an abortion or not as long as it did not put her health in jeopardy. Instead, she has to face a jury frequently formed by conservative, mostly religious and macho men, to explain the personal reasons why she wants or needs to have an abortion. In that courtroom, instead of gaining a right, the woman loses her dignity, and society enforces her patriarchal control.

What this restriction of rights does, in addition to continue to denigrate women, is put her at risk, since it is very common that she is looking to move forward with this decision and when they are not supported by society, their families or the Law, she puts herself in unnecessary risks that usually have fatal consequences.

Both the United Nations and the laws of many countries in America establish that we all must be equal and free. Nonetheless, vasectomy and fatherhood are optional for a man, and they are left to their judgement. An abortion is worse seen (even after rape) than a father abandoning his children. The man continues to be protected and acquitted even after it is known that what he did is against moral laws.

The woman is restricted in her sexual freedom from her choice of partner, she is judged if she has a different opinion from the classical conservative mother, and she is exposed to a great health risk when her decision of abortion is not supported.

Now, regarding the specific matter of abortion, the woman is subjected to a religious and moral dilemma, when in reality, the situation involves emotional aspects that only she can experience and where only she can make the decisions.

Women have always been through difficult situations, it is unbelievable that until now, in the middle of 2021, they are still fighting not to be discriminated, to be able to work in an even situation in which men do, to be able to live without sexual harassment, and, more importantly, to be able to decide over their own body.

There are organizations and movements such as #YoDigoNoMás that support women in their fight and are focused on uniting those who need to be heard. Find the multiple options we have to get involved with the movement and make your voice heard.

You can be part of the change, join this movement on behalf of yourself or hundreds of victims who have not been able to find their voice to speak out against this scourge.